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2020 Samsung S11 series mobile phone photo pre exposure

2020 Samsung S11 series mobile phone photo pre exposure

It is expected that Samsung S11 series mobile phones which will be launched in early 2020 will be exposed in Dongguan Yuanmei Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. in advance!!!

Recently, we learned from Dongguan Yuanmei precision engineering that Samsung 

will have three new models in 2020,that are S11e / S11 / S11 +. 

This time, the difference is that the new models are mainly curved and the camera is in the middle.

This also shows that all of Samsung's flagship models in the future are inclined to curved surface. 

Looking at previous cases, we find that s series is surrounded by arc edges, and the camera centering will become more and more mainstream, which also shows that the best angle for shooting is the middle.

All of these prove that Yuanmei precision is a fast and efficient factory, and also an enterprisewith advantages in the industry.

Recently, it has begun to accept orders for S11 series toughened glass film for mobile phones.

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