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Yuanmei Precision Electronics Co.,Ltd Spring Festival Evening

Yuanmei Precision Electronics Co.,Ltd Spring Festival Evening

Time goes by, we tasted the fragrance of spring,experienced the passion of summer,fruitable spring and now enjoying the romantic of winter. Chinese New Year is coming ro us, it is time to gather together and spend sweet time with our friends and families.So do Yuanmei---she is a big and warm family for all of us. 

The Festival Evening of Yuanmei is hold by our talent and humorous Miss Zhu and Mr. Yu.

At the first beginning, our general manage Mr. Zheng presented his kind regards and speeches:

Then we excited to witness 3 honorable rewards.The ‘Annual Outstanding Staff’, the ‘Annual Advanced Worker’ and the ‘Troubleshooter of year’.Congratulations! 

Next are kinds of splendid shows that presented by different department.The classic songGlorious daysfrom band Beyond,Last night stars》《Not That Different,《Five hundred milesand chorus 《Graceful Heart》.The most cheerful part the ‘Lucky draw’ 

Mystery Guest performs Chinese classic art Sichuan opera face. (Guess who it is?)

When we are guessing who the mystery guest is after watching his amazing performance, unexpectedly the last face is our general manager!All of us are surprised and also deeply touched, as he is always pretty busy to keeping Yuanmei growing stably.

 Another brilliant show is presented Master Zhuhua. We bet you will also be shocked if you see this live show!

Sincerely thanks to Mrs. Zeng,Mrs. Huang Mr. Zhang make the《Ode to Yuanmei》and their passionate recite:

We be here together where dream is beginning,

There is such a type of enterprise called direction, a type of company named mental,and a unity named strength.

Our Yuanmei growing these years toughly but also stably,

Keep fighting to make our dream come to truth,

Keep promising to be a reliable supplier,

Maintaining the confidence to all our clients.

We fight together,

We experience together,

The previous pursuit,

The previous suffer,

The previous happiness,

The previous glory,

We make it through step by step.

We have no regrets,

We love our jobs,

We cherish all things here,

Together,we can make everything better.

Together, we can achieve all possibility.

Together, that is what Yuanmei means.

Thanks a lot to all our friends,partners and clients,thanks a lot to all your previous kind support,thanks a lot to your trust and thanks god to let us meet each other.

2019 gonna to be a better year with plenty of nice opportunities! 

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