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New Product Launch Event for Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

New Product Launch Event for Samsung Galaxy S10 Series

Beijing time 10th January, Samsung officially published the post of new product release.The launch event will be held at 11:00am 20th February(US Western Time) and in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Los Angeles.From the number 10 presented in the post, this conference shall be made for Galaxy S10 series. 

Most of the smart phone brands are focus on the appearance in 2018.Except the classical clamshell and slide structure, gradient ramp also became a key strategy to attract users.From the below post we can see that it is consisted with at least 4 colors.The top half part is change from pink to blue, and the half bottom is black to purple.Furthermore, Samsung adopts pure black and white for the number 1 and 0. 

Besides, designer Ben Geskin’s rendering picture indicates that the drilling screen will be applied for S10 series. There will be 2 shapes---circle and oval.

According to the already published news, Galaxy S10 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855,adopting the in-screen fingerprint sensor and 3  rear cameras.Meanwhile, there will be S10,S10 Lite,S10 Plus and custom 5G version for your choices.


At the new developed function aspect, Slashgear indicates that Galaxy S10 will support wireless reverse charging just like Huawei Mate Pro does.


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