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Mirror Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Mirror Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector

With the development and innovation of science, today I would like to introduce the Mirror Privacy tempered glass screen protector.It is a high-tech patented product which developed and design by us--Yuanmei Precision Electronics Co,Ltd.

First of all, we can start with the features for both of them. Mirror Privacy screen protector is new type product which combined these features and advantages.

1. Privacy Screen Protector

Privacy Screen Protector adopt the unequaled globally MICROLOUVER patented optical technology, the screen presents message or picture only within the front 60area.People can only see a dark screen whenever they look on.The visible area within 60means that the rest 30Area to left or right is totally dark. Below picture can help us to understand this more vividly.

2. Mirro Screen Protector

Mirror screen protector adopts an unique coating craft, it will present a high-definition mirror finish when phone standby.The visual effect will be better when the screen is on.

Such screen protector is not only anti-scratch but also a practical mirror! It exactly match the ‘Screen Off Aesthetics’. 

3. Mirror Privacy Screen Protector

Yuanmei’s Mirror Privacy screen protector combines the above features, adding special mirror coating craft to the based privacy function. It not only can protect the trade secret and personal privacy effectively, but also pretty convenient to make up yourself when out if doors.It is just best of both worlds! Mirror Privacy Screen Protector is just born for fashion and privacy protection.

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