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ocooca Car Rearview Mirror Film

    • & Strongly recommend this product, Reason: this product takes imported high grade material, the effect of anti-Rain Water and anti-atomization increase about 50%, compared with some brands effect of the same type, this is real test result. Note: the effect of different brands is different, the specific results are subject to the actual measurement.
    • & Automobile waterproof film: protective film for general rearview mirrors of cars, trucks, trailers, and window side glass protection film for car main and side cabs, suitable for all dimensions rearview mirrors, product size: 3.75*3.75 in
    • & The product has the function of rainproof water and anti-atomization. It can improve the clarity of the lens in the field of vision, the greater the rain, the higher the clarity, and prevent mirror atomization, this is a technical innovation, thus avoiding the danger of the blurred vision.
    • & Rear-view Mirror Waterproof Film Nano-coating Technology: PET + Nano-coating Protective Film with a transmittance of up to 99%,  It has the function of anti fog, anti glare, waterproof, rain proof and so on. It can effectively improve the clarity of the visual field and have a better clarification view in the rainy or fog weather.
    • & The waterproof film is easy to install: it takes men or women only a few minutes to install it directly on your rearview mirror. After making sure the mirror is free of dust or foreign matter, spray a little water on the mirror and tear off the first isolation layer. then Scrape water and bubbles out of the membrane on the rearview mirror, with a complimentary card. Tear off the second isolation layer and film is done.

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