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Differences between different mobile phone films

Now most people buy a mobile phone and then buy other accessories, such as protective cover, foil, mobile power, headphones and other peripheral objects, which is a lot of people will not be excluded from the film is very exclusive, that is, mobile phone film.
Compared to mobile phone case this has a certain thickness of the accessories products, the film with its thin enough and does not affect the phone feel to win the back. Compared to up to thousands of dollars of the phone itself, a few dollars tens of dollars of the film is slightly insignificant, and some love the phone to buy a person or even more than one, anyway, not expensive, scratched cut off and then posted new. But I do not know the film is also divided into a variety of its thin itself also contains no small universe.
From the current mobile phone protective film market to observe the ordinary common mobile phone protection film can be generally divided PET film, while the other is more high-end glass film. The market is better to sell the professional film, the film mainly to high permeability, frosted film-based.
The same type of mobile phone film dazzling, a wide range of market prices are also very different, ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Is there really a big difference in protective foil? A few dollars of the film really and dozens of dollars of the film is the same? Next, take you slowly understand the phone protective film cheap and brand of film What is the difference. Currently on the market of mobile phone film mainly PET material and tempered glass material two.
PET material is currently the most common material of a film, PET is a polyester copolymer, with high hardness, high transparency, high temperature characteristics, adhesive surface can be with glue or static and other options, it Translucent good, after tearing can also be repeated paste, foil will not leave residual glue, and there will be no bubble problem. Now on the market with this material film with matte film and high-definition film.
HD film transmittance is relatively high, the display is better, but it is easy to stained fingerprints, and see very obvious. Frosted film is the opposite, in the sun will not reflect, the use of the process is not easy to see stained with fingerprints, but the light transmission loss is relatively large, compared to the HD film is inferior, if you are not a love clean People, or suggest you use matte it!
ARM material is the mobile phone film in the high Fu Shuai, Bai Fu Mei, generally divided into three layers, silica gel for the adsorption layer, PET for the middle layer, the outer layer for the special treatment layer, ARM film in fact its essence is still PET material film. It is more expensive than the price of PET, the price of 30 yuan to 60 yuan, of course, the effect and performance is much stronger, the reverse material using silicone layer, you can repeatedly rinse use, paste the phone screen after the bubble is also very easy to squeeze Out, wear scratch, light transmission in more than 95%, with non-reflective anti-peeping and so on.
    Tempered glass material film, compared to the general plastic, can play a better role in defensive, and anti-fingerprint and oil effects should be better. In addition, because of its high hardness, even if the phone falls, but also to a certain extent, play a buffer role, to prevent the phone screen broken. Tempered glass foil is generally composed of four layers, the first layer is a special coating; the second layer is tempered glass; the third layer is explosion-proof film; the fourth layer is a silicone coating.
Tempered glass material after high-tech nano-technology after the tempered glass has a high strength is 9 times the ordinary glass, high-definition high permeability, good resistance to scratch and explosion, waterproof and anti-oil, anti-fingerprint and other effects significantly. Tempered glass protective film on the touch screen really play a protective role, this high-tech glass is Apple, Samsung and other high-end electronic equipment products preferred protective film.

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