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Q:Mobile phone waterproof level how to differentiate?

A:The last two years, a simple smart phones already can't satisfy the needs of users, can is three smartphone can move more and more consumers. You see the latest flagship samsung Galaxy S5, SONY's latest flagship Xperia Z2, which isn't waterproof function?

It can be said that after three mobile phone will be more and more. But, before that let us first to get to know the meaning of waterproof level! Small make up now with a SONY Xperia IP58 Z2 have waterproof level, for example, to resolve the (IP58) waterproofing of this concept.

IPXX dustproof level concept

First of all to explain a concept - IPXX. IPXX level is international protection standards level. Behind the two Numbers respectively represent the product of dustproof and waterproof grade.

Dustproof part, with the number 0 to 6 to determine the protective ability, 0 is the worst, that is, there is no protective effect, is basically naked state. Level 1 can block object of greater than 50 mm, half naked. Until the 4th level can block 1 cm object, I can see you in front of the several levels basically won't appear in electronic equipment, or with the real "bare-metal" no difference. Level 5 is a good dust control effect, the dust will not result in equipment damage or a large number of accumulation. Level 6 is completely clean, connectors and other parts are sealed completely.

As for the IPX waterproof rating standard (0 to 8) is an international industrial waterproofing of the IPX waterproof and Japan industrial standard JIS grade of unified standards, which is divided into 0 to 8 magnitude 9:

Level 0 without protection;

Level 1 can eliminate the harmful effects of the vertical drop drops;

Level 2 with vertical direction within 15 degrees of falling water droplets have a protective role;

Level 3 can eliminate and vertical direction in 60 degrees of the harmful effects of spray droplets;

Grade 4 can eliminate the harmful effects of splash water droplets from different directions;

Level 5 can eliminate the harmful effects of nozzle jet flow for each direction.

Level 6 can eliminate the harmful effects of nozzle powerful jet flow for each direction.

Level 7 at the top of the 0.15-1 m distance from the surface, 30 minutes, the performance is not affected, not leak;

8 at the top of the distance of the water 1.5-30 meters, 30 minutes, the performance is not affected, not leaking.

Therefore, we look back to see the protection grade IP58 Xperia Z2, also represents the device has good dustproof effect, as well as in 1.5 meters water depth for 30 minutes of watertight. 8 level of waterproof is rare in the mobile phone products. You know, the MOTOROLA of the three mobile phone Defy waterproof level only seven.

Waterproof phone design

Mobile phone waterproof design although it sounds simple, you just need to add seal ring. But the actual operation is not easy. If you want to make a phone a waterproof phone, so often from mobile phones as a whole, rather than just the individual parts of special treatment.

Do waterproof phone, buttons can do it on parts of hard rubber sealing ring, or made into soft rubber material to the closed, and no matter what kind of have to consider the press after the uniform sealing ability; Another difficulty is that the battery compartment, most of the mobile phone or battery pluggable, traditional process made the back cover installation method is difficult to achieve uniform compression after sealing, so do the waterproof will be changed to lateral pressure seal, for the entire product mould precision requirement is high; As for all kinds of opening (charging, headphones) but relatively good processing, an external seal can solve.

Because of the complexity of the operation, how to balance between waterproof function and mobile phone manufacturing cost, also became the major mobile phone manufacturers are facing a problem.

The influence of waterproof phone in real life

Although the waterproof phone can still work in the water, but you need to remind everybody is, waterproof does not mean that the steam. Considering the water with the surface tension and utensils deformation at high temperature, steam often become the true bane of waterproof equipment. Many users around the world with their own waterproof cell phone into the shower, discovered a layer under the glass screen out steam cannot remove anyway. Therefore, for mobile phone waterproof function, we should be rational view.

The waterproof function for the user to bring convenient, more is the phone accidentally fell into the water, and be careful will water splashes to mobile phones, mobile phone use in the outdoor environment a sudden storm, and so on and so forth. If you insist to use Xperia Z2 are underwater pictures also have not cannot, however, still remind you, IPXX level more comes from the laboratory data, in the real environment is still need to be careful.

For waterproof phone, small make up just want to say, everybody don't one-sided understanding of "waterproof" this two word, not waterproof is only relative, if you really put the mobile phone in the water to soak for hours, the deathless also want to include in your mobile phone... In addition, there is no need to take a bath also bring mobile phone in the body, occasionally to leave a phone enjoy quiet time is bad?

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