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Q:How to build mobile phone protective film suit?

A:Understand mobile phone protective film industry knows that the brand is full of beautiful things in eyes, for consumers to select is a headache thing! Want to stand out, need to spend some time. Now, China coating industry iconic brands "OCOOCA the cool card" to the friends engaged in mobile phone protective film branding action, how to build mobile phone protective suits.

Why do you want to make mobile phone protective film suit?

Professional brand mobile phone protective film, or attached to do mobile phone protective film, for consumers, is just a choice. If you still stay in a protective film and a packaging sales form, that is OUT! Only suit form can let consumers! Because of mobile phone protective film suit is a focus on mobile phone protective film to build, more can reflect professionalism, for consumers, more can meet the demand.

How to build mobile phone protective film suit?

1, small parts to complete

Mobile phone protective film is suit for the terminal consumption, most consumers are not film masters, therefore, they, in the film must rely on AIDS.

Mobile phone protective film suit will provide consumers the paster auxiliary tool as much as possible, OCOOCA the cool card brand tools are: dust paste, cleaning cloth, alcohol cotton (this in view of the consumer more love clean, often is toughened glass membrane suit will be), scratch CARDS, pull up a (no) toughened glass membrane suit, specification (if needed) without instructions on the package, etc.

2, the function to distinguish

Now in the market of mobile phone protective film are mainly functional protective film: hd film, grind arenaceous film, glass membrane. Mobile phone protective film is according to the needs of the consumers point, series of products, selling more concentrated. OCOOCA, for example, the cool card is introduced according to the functional sex of the protective film: high through suit, scrub suits, diamond series powder (silver gold drill, drill, drill, blue drill and other seven), toughened glass film series (common transparent glass film, colored glass film, blue and white porcelain glass film, the blue glass film, etc.), etc.

3, packing should be fine

Mobile phone sticker needs to protect, more needs to ornament. Without the front of the consumer brand awareness, a beautiful packaging to attract customer's eye, you know!

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