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Often play mobile phones and tablet vigilance blue eye injury

Often play mobile phones and tablet vigilance blue eye injury
In recent years, the Department of Ophthalmology of the major hospitals treated a lot of "eye fatigue" patients. Fatigue is not the number one killer, a lot of people in fact, the eye is blue, the retina caused irreversible damage. What is blue light? Where do you come from? What is blue light in life? How to prevent the damage caused by Blu ray?
Question: eye "fatigue" is tired?
32 year old Wang Bo is an advertising company's art design, he is facing the computer all day, often for several hours without rest. Because of the customer's list one after another, he often worked overtime at night. Wang Bo in the drawer perennial run eye drops, must drop two times a day, or the eyes simply can not eat. The first is that "eye fatigue, such as dry eye, eye dryness, and later to the eye pain. The worst of all was that Wang Bo was driving to and from work. Obviously 1 of vision, but one night to drive home, in the dim light of the road, he could not see clearly. He once thought he was short-sighted, went to the glasses shop glasses, the results found that his vision is still 1. At the same time, his vision problem is becoming more and more serious, and there will be a short period of time.
14 year old Li Ranran now on the first two days, her mother found that she often unconsciously blink, and often rub the eyes. Asked her how, she said that the eye is very "fatigue", and the original degree of myopia has increased. More sad reminders of the Guangzhou Tianhe 7-year-old Xiaojiang, primary school grade one, usually eyesight is not very good, in the class seat continue to move forward. Recently often with mom's Samsung big screen smart mobile phone play "to pull out the radish", the increasingly blurred vision.
The truth: the blue light is the real killer ""
During the summer vacation, major hospitals in Dongguan in Department of Ophthalmology of the eyes "fatigue" many patients, and to students mainly, after examination, one of them fell a lot of human conjunctival congestion, corneal transparency, and some even lens appear a small amount of turbidity. Some patients report said, "to a dark place, have poor vision". There are some patients after examination, appear low astigmatism, myopia growth and other symptoms.
Department of Ophthalmology experts explained that the case of retinal rod cells damaged, prone to night blindness". As for the eye astigmatism, patients often Rouyan cause corneal deformation. But because of blurred vision, ciliary muscle contraction ability. As for the lens opacification, it is to be vigilant, if more is cloudy cataract.
The real killer for these symptoms, is certainly not "fatigue", but blue. Blue and not the blue light, but high energy light wavelength of 400-500 nm. The blue light near the ultraviolet rays can penetrate through the lens to the retina, resulting in the decline of the retinal pigment epithelial cells. The epithelial cells decline, causes the light sensitive cells lack of nutrients, can cause visual impairment. Moreover, the damage is irreversible.
Alert: mobile phone computer is blue
Blue light come from many sources, as everyone knows is from mobile phone and computer. Artificial light retained a lot of Blu ray, which makes artificial light whiter, brighter and some special bright white light to people has been the pan blue feeling, this is the proportion of blue light caused by excessive. So, computer, mobile phone and other new artificial light, contain a large number of irregular frequency high-energy shortwave blue.
A provincial hospital eye center, an expert told reporters that now many parents often bundle children watching TV, because of the TV is bad for your eyes. But parents often encourage their learning in the tablet computer, intelligent mobile phone, this is actually a misunderstanding. "People's eyes will automatically adjust the focus and see distant things eye muscles are relaxed, see near objects is tense, mobile phones, tablet PCs and other hold in the hand, away from the eyes close, look for a long time is easy to fatigue and their harm to the eyes than TV.
Department of Ophthalmology experts urge parents, try not to take a notebook computer or mobile phone when the toys for children. Watch TV, computer screen, not too bright or too dark. Reading, playing computer, all in one hour up activities, overlooking the vision, also can play a regulatory role. Because the blue light damage to the eyes, is gradually accumulated and formed. If not open source, a long time will cause damage to the eyes. Long time exposure to the computer screen, large screen mobile phone LED Blu ray, although the strength is not big, but also easy to damage.
Door: no myopia to "anti blue"
Dongguan a ophthalmic hospital director Dr. Zhang said that the human eye itself is impossible to blue light filtering at present is to reduce damage to the eyes of blue, the simplest way is on the phone screen paste a piece of blue light proof protective film and than wear anti myopia glasses affordable. Ordinary mobile phone protective film and little possibility to ultraviolet radiation, electromagnetic radiation, for blue light filtering effect, but also helpless. Filtering blue light and anti myopia is one thing, not a nearsighted person, should also pay attention to prevent the harm of blue. In playing mobile phone board game using anti blue protective film, can greatly reduce the stimulation of blue light to the eyes, slow eye soreness, pain and other symptoms, to alleviate eye fatigue.
China protective film market customers satisfied with the preferred brand "OCOOCA OQ card founder Mr. Zheng said, anti blue mobile phone protective film market was mixed, phyletic and various. More reliable is the "absorption" type design, completely cut off harmful ultraviolet rays below 400nm, and the 400-500nm barrier
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